Carter Aviation Technologies, An Aerospace Research & Development Company


Specifications & Performance

Wingspan 41’-8”
Rotor Diameter 45 ft
Cruise Speed 175 mph
Gross Weight 5500 lbs
Empty Weight (w/o batteries) 3080 lbs
Battery Weight (for all electric) 1320 lbs
Useful Load 1100 lbs


  • Flight proven Carter SRC Technology – low drag, high inertia rotor coupled with small, simple, low drag wings
  • Spacious cabin – 1 pilot + 5 pax, or 2 pilots + 4 pax (latter also used for training)
  • Large entry door for easy access to passenger cabin
  • Large access panel to baggage compartment
  • Direct linkage of electric motor to main rotor shaft – hover power, partial power in climb, regen, optimized rpm
  • 4 propellers for redundant anti-torque and propulsion. Descent drag, control-by-wire pitch and rpm control.
  • Extremely quiet thanks to 600 ft/s rotor tip speed and 450 ft/s prop tip speed.
  • Tilting mast for ride pitch leveling at low speed, rpm control & isolation at high speeds for smooth flight.
  • Gas turbine series hybrid option to extend range to city to city as well as distant suburban locations.
  • Mechanical flight control linkages to optional pilot in parallel with actuators for true redundancy.
  • Garmin 1000H and Carter Vehicle Management System (VMS) system integration.