Carter Aviation Technologies, An Aerospace Research & Development Company


Carter CHT-100 Specifications & Performance

Wingspan 100 ft
Rotor Diameter 100 ft
Empty Weight 75,172 lbs
Max Gross Weight 145,000 lbs
Max Useful Load 69,858 lbs
Powerplant 1 x 29,000 hp & 18,000 lbs thrust P&W F135 (JSF)
Range w/ 50k lb payload* 1,130 nm
Cruise Altitude 35,000 ft
Cruise Speed 400+ kts
* In-flight refueling allows range to be extended nearly indefinitely


  • Wings fold for shipboard stowing
  • Telescoping refueling boom
  • Stabilator and ailerons rotate downward as collective is increased to reduce downwash in hover
  • Elegant streamlined hub greatly reduces drag enabling greater speed and cruise efficiency
  • Advanced Scimitar Props enable anti-torque for hover. Unique design achieves both high static thrust and high speed cruise efficiencies
  • By using a combination of thrust and moment due to rotor tilt, the aircraft can remain level in hover over a wide CG range
  • Multi-speed automatic transmission operates props at efficient rpms for both low and high speed flight
  • Reversing props can work as air brakes
  • Wing tailored for cruise efficiency enabled by high lift rotor for hover and low speed flight