Carter Aviation Technologies, An Aerospace Research & Development Company


6-9 Place Jet Powered Business Air Vehicle Specifications & Performance

Characteristic Standard Jet BAV Record Breaker
Wingspan 45 ft
Rotor Diameter 45 ft
Fuselage Length 33'-6"
Taxi Height 14'-10"
Empty Weight 3500 lbs 4300 lbs
Max Gross Weight 7000 lbs 9800 lbs
Max Useful Load 3500 lbs 5500 lbs
Powerplant 2 x 1750 lb jet engines 2 x 3500 lb TFE731-20
Range 2000+ nm 5000+ nm
Service Ceiling 40k+ ft 50k+ ft
Max Speed 300+ kts 450+ kts


  • High inertia Carter rotor for VTOL and slowed rpm/low drag in cruise, built-in parachute at any speed or altitude
  • Fuselage with increasing fuselage cross section for laminar flow / reduced drag
  • Pressurized cabin for passenger comfort
  • Restroom to enable true long range flight
  • Closely spaced engines to reduce adverse yaw for OEI. Centerline thrust for normal ops
  • Streamlined hub greatly reduces drag enabling greater speed and cruise efficiency
  • Small wing tailored for cruise efficiency
  • Extreme fail-safe energy absorbing landing gear